You may know James Beymer from Quantum Emotional Clearing or from his seminars in GIN! James (or Lee as you may know him) has been in the healing work for many years and, even though not a Founder of SPI, we thought it appropriate to include him here as his work, along with many others, has inspired us here at Spiritual Physics Institute! 


James Beymer has always had an affinity for healing and spiritual growth stemming from his own extraordinary experiences beginning in childhood and furthered by his studies with numerous teachers. James had a near-death experience in the spring of 1972 that transformed his life permanently. His views of life could never be the same, so he has pursued learning more about the spiritual realm and it's possibilities. Along the way, James became ill with an unknown "disease" that seriously undermined his normally vibrant health. The problem was apparently not diagnosable by conventional medicine, so Lee turned to oriental medicine as a last resort. While receiving some relief from oriental medicine, Lee realized that the core issue was not being addressed adequately, so put himself through oriental medical school in an effort to solve the problem himself. After graduating in Oriental Medicine, he found that he had to continue his studies into other fields of alternative medicine to finally discover and cure his "disease" (mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings). 

In the process of this discovery, James found that his natural aptitude for healing led him into many new and interesting realms of study and understanding, including a new field of seemingly miraculous healing called "Energy Psychology". This fascinating field instantly captured his attention and he studied with all of the top people in this rapidly developing discipline. In grasping the principles of the various techniques, he took it further and combined it with many of the understandings that he had already discovered through his own life and practice. After experiencing phenomenal results, he began applying these techniques to his toughest client cases in an effort to break through blockages that had prevented their ability to heal. The results were astounding with many people feeling better instantly. He continued to investigate this work and discovered numerous hidden factors that have prevented so many people from being able to heal. The results of his work and practice in clearing many mental/emotional blockages of over 2,000 clients has now been formalized into a new technique called "Quantum Emotional Clearing". Although the basic levels of this great work are adopted from the original works of Gary Craig, creator of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Dr. Roger Callahan, original discoverer of Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) and others, the advanced levels are profound and liberating beyond anything yet discovered elsewhere. 

James is licensed as a Lic. Acupuncturist (CO), Acupuncture Physician (FL) and a Diplomat of Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). He currently practices Painless Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Classical and Complex Homeopathy, Bach Flower Therapy, Aromatherapy using Essential Oils, and Bio-Energetic Medicine. James is a Teacher and Holistic Healer and facilitates the lives of hundreds of people each year through his work. He is a Master Number 22 which is known as the "Master Builder". Those following Life Path of 22 are called master teachers and a unique talent for manifesting ideas into the realm of reality.

Prof. James Lee Beymer,

CoDirector of Admissions

BioFeedback for Chinese Medicine

Herb Specialist

Level I & II Teacher


Jemma Zenith has been a motivational speaker for over 25 years and continues to inspire others in her International Seminars. Jemma is a numerological Master Number 44. MN 44 is one of the rarest numbers in the Master Number realm having reincarnated numerous times and having the experience of many personal challenges. This makes them empathetic and connected at a different level than most, feeling the urgency in why they have been sent back to facilitate mankind by bringing teachings that have been lost back into this reality. They combine the strengths of master numbers 11, 22 and 33. They are insightful like a person with life number 11, creative like the number 22 and nurturing like master number 33. The MN 44 is here to create Heaven on Earth and raise the vibration of the planet to a Higher, more Divine vibration and challenge the status-quo that no longer works. These Master Numbers have reincarnated to help connect the gap between man and his Creator and to challenge common beliefs that have no foundation in the Higher Realms.


Jemma has a flourishing, international business helping others - based in Boulder, Colorado and Sarasota, Florida - with her business partner, James Beymer (above). Jemma teaches classes surrounding the chakras through consultation and discussions. She has degrees in psychology and physics which help to facilitate her work, surrounding Spiritual Physics primarily, where she works to interpret the physical world around us and how it translates into the Divine Realms energetically. Jemma tries to incorporate the things that we see and experience on a physical level, and aims to interpret them into the energetic realm as: "The Divine Law of Attraction". 


Jemma has dedicated her entire life to trying to solve the mysteries of the Universe. She continues to study physics so that she can truly understand the Law of Attraction from multiple perspectives, with a scientific and spiritual base for her findings. She continues to examine cognitive perceptive psychology so as to find the "seat of the soul", and to learn how humanity operates from an energetic and molecular level. In order to be motivated to change, she has found it invaluable to learn the inner workings of the psyche and how each person can overcome the physical so as to tap into their true potential. The possibilities, she has found, are limitless! 


In fact, Jemma is the first to understand that there may be a significant correlation between the chakras and the shell emission of visible light in the electrons! She is currently exploring the correlations between the physical body and how these electrons enact a type of 'consciousness', as was seen in the Slit Experiment. In her classes, she incorporates the spiritual and scientific to help you to understand why you may have been created, what your reincarnation means, what lessons you may be here to learn, and how you might harness your own power while staying centered. Her classes aim to teach one how to set healthy boundaries and break out of old thinking and behavioral patterns. 




Prof. Jemma Zenith

Founder of Spiritual Physics Institute

CoDirector of Admissions

Round Table Committee 

Levels III - VII Teacher