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"Built to Help Each Person Attain Enlightenment and Self-Actualisation"

The Institute of Spiritual Physics is built to help each individual recognize their strengths but also their weaknesses. In acknowledging our weaknesses, we become as strong as the weakest link in our own being, and strengthen those areas to match the Divine within with the Divine above. Spiritual Physics Institute is a correspondence program in which a person can work at their own pace within the alloted time online and understand at a deeper level themselves and, in turn, others. We are here to grow and to learn and this is what this program and Institute is all about.


Bottom Line: We want to change the world! To do so, we recognize that we need to change ourselves first! In changing ourselves and transforming the way that we think, we begin to take our power back! By connecting to the Divine within our being and the perfection that is in our energy signature, we achieve the "incorruptable crown" that is so hard to get to in human form. By doing so, we raise the energetic vibration of, not just ourselves, but of the whole world! This is what we offer you. We offer something bigger than just one person alone. We offer you a better way to live, and real change that helps to heal you from the inside-out. Let us bring ourselves to a higher state of consciousness and raise our vibration together! 


The First 3 Levels of Spiritual Physics Institute


/  Level 1: Beginner

This is where we start. In Level 1, we start by learning Maslow's Hierarchy and how this fits with the energy we are allowing into our own lives. We take a look at how we have been responding to the situations around us, and we learn new ways to calm ourselves from the inside-out. Prof. James Beymer shows you the tapping method, and you learn to observe what is going on inside of yourself and around you without over-reacting. This is a short 2-month course that is packed with a lot of useful tools for day-to-day life! 


Cost for Level 1 individually: $499

/  Level 2: Apprentice 


Level 2 teaches you how to take the things you've learned in Level 1 and build upon them! This level further develops your tapping techniques and helps you to begin realizing how to recognize what is your emotion vs. what another's emotion is. You begin to understand that not everything that you think and feel is yours, but that you are picking up signals and frequencies form those around you. You also begin to look at how much you picked up from your parents, and how to separate yourself from the identity that does not work.


Level 2 builds upon Maslow's Hierarchy and how this relates to you on a spiritual level, and how you can overcome your lower qualities of anger, envy, greed, sadness, ego, self centeredness, jealousy, etc to become more self-actualized and more enlightened! This level goes deeper into your being and gets into the layers that you rarely look at, so that you can choose a different pattern that works for your life! You begin to learn a new way to think and a new way to be in Level 2, and you begin to realize how to change your patterns of the past that no longer work so that you can become happier and healthier in your life!!!


Level 2 typically takes 8-weeks to complete.


Cost for Level 2 individually: $499


/  Apprentice Provectus

Congratulations! Level III begins with interpersonal communication and we discuss the difference between emotions and feelings.  In this level, the predominant is to be able to understand yourself more deeply and, by the end of this level, you begin to understand the way you communicate and how you interact with others and identify what emotions are arising in you. You will look at your motivations and different perspectives so you can choose to change what patters are no longer working.


In this level, we look at your astrological chart and explore why you reincarnated and how your planets and positions in your chart work together. We see where our reincarnated strengths are and where our weakness are, and we explore different ways to work to become more conscious.


This class is taught by Prof. Jemma Zenith. This class runs 6 months and typically lasts 60-90 minutes, once a week. 


Cost for Level 3 individually: $699



Levels 4, 5, & 6  


/  Apprentice Provectus Consiliarius

In Level VI, we are now coming to appreciate this more in depth and studying our communication skills even more (as in level 003 you have done Interpersonal Communication) and recognizing how to put your communication skills to good use in analyzing another person that you are working with, your colleagues, mate, children, etc.  In this level, we will go deeper into psychology and learn how the mind works. We will learn about backgrounds of individuals and how to respond to different people in sessions so that we expand our view of their culture and how they were raised. Not everyone holds the same views, so this is a major asset when speaking to others of different races to be able to know what their culture is so as not to offend them and to also know what different ways we can respond in situations that are foreign to us. The books required for this level are restricted to those taking the level, and are revealed at the time of enrollment. 


In Level 4 you will also learn to understand yourself more deeply, and we will be looking at your astrological chart to see past lives, reincarnation signature, and understanding what you need to work on in this life and where you are challenged. This is a very in depth study that you will learn the basics to here in this level and go through different reading materials to help you to understand your chart and that of those you are working on. This continues on throughout levels 5 and 6 as well. Through this course you will begin to learn how to overcome thought patterns that hold you back, and create a new way of thinking that leads to success!


Cost for Level 4 individually: $999





Self Mastery. What does this mean for those that have reached this level? In reaching this level, you have done a lot of hard work on really looking at yourself and mastering your strengths, but also your weaknesses. You have studied many aspects of your personality and changed a lot of patterns that no longer work and shifted them to a higher calling. You have taken the prior 4 levels and learnt about your flaws and have scrutinized yourself as much as possible to tweak the "old" personality and put on the "new" personality that brings them into harmony with their higher purpose and their higher being. In this level, you are now able to recognize, admit, and change the old patterns that no longer work for you and you do so willingly. You realize that the little things that you don't like about others are actually a reflection of the bits and pieces of who you are that you need to tweak to master and overcome within yourself. In this level, we look for opportunities to go beyond "the power of what is normal" and we release all ego and egocentric behaviors - we release it every time we feel inbalanced. In doing so, we are working towards that peace in the midst of chaos and realizing that we are one step away from another aspect of our goal to Transcendence - Divine Self Mastery! In this level you may take on an Apprentice in Quantum University and help begin training them to the ways of the Divine. This is a big step and a priviledge and at this level you will know enough to be able to now train another. 


This Mastery Level will continue to have courses with your professor via the internet and materials will be outlined going deeper into psychology and the mind/body connection that you will be able to participate in. These courses will be held live/online and will go into subjects such as: Decoding life -negative conditioning, the door to consciousness, intelligence, infancy and childhood development, motivation and emotion, and more. 


The 005 level is a restricted level access and only those of this level and higher are able to participate and to view the materials provided. 


Cost for Level 5: $1899

This is a Self-Mastery Level class and will take 9-12 months to complete.

/  Self-Mastery Consultant


/  Divine Self-Mastery Expert

Divine Self Mastery. How does this differ from Self Mastery? In the 006 level, we are in the self-actualization mode and beginning to further understand how we are playing a "role" here on this planet for actual purpose and realization. We have learnt to get in touch with our higher guides and rely on them and the Divine instead of just looking to and trusting our own emotions. We learn how to further our growth and harmony of the mental and emotional and learn to balance the two together just as the Divine does. We learn to lead with the mental (crown chakra) and understand how to tap into the answers from the Divine instead of the lower chakras, which are more emotional and based here (earthly/physical). They work in harmony and we learn to accept the answers we are given, which may be difficult for some that have an attachment to a particular outcome. Releasing. Letting go. And understanding how this works for you, not against you. As a 006 level, you will learn to stay more neutral when helping others and materials will be provided that are for 006 level and above only, to help you transcend and do this with grace and ease.


Psychology continues as we learn about theories of personality, some psychological disorders, emotional wellness (how to help others transform fear, angers, and jealousy into creative energy), and we will get more into some philisophical questions such as Ethics, Morals, and more. We will study each of these sections based on a book that will be announced and go over them in a classroom setting online together, just as in Level 003 and 004. This is intended to help you to have a well-rounded understanding of others from many different viewpoints so that you can offer the best training possible as you ascend your ladder to "eudaimonia" (Greek for "a fulfilled life" but translates to English as "Happiness"). We will also go over this expression and its deeper meaning for your life, in class.


This is the final preparation to becoming a Master Transcender. The next level awaits you here. Good luck on your journey!


Cost for Level 6: $2499

This is a Self-Mastery Level Class and will take 12 months to complete.





/  MASTER LEVEL: Transcendentem Divinus

This is Divine Transcendence! This is where excellence and incomparibility are pronounced. If you have made it this far, after completing this level you will be able to say you are a Master Level - A rare honor, indeed! 


What are you a Master of? In this Level, we discuss energy in detail. We discuss how to enhance your awareness and quickly grasp the situation that is happening around you, and move the energy to get the best results. We look at body language, centering yourself, calming the mind and staying centered throughout any chaos, how to make quick decisions in the moment, how to influence energy, and more. We are always looking to Master ourself before we can affect what is outside of us, so this Level focuses on that primarily. You will be considered a 'Master' and referred to as one after completion of this Level. 


We are very selective about who is allowed to join the Level VII class, so not all pass through. This is because we teach harnessing energy and energy maneuvering techniques, and we do not want this falling into the wrong hands. There must be serious work on one's communication skills in Levels 5 and 6 coming forward and the person entering this level must have shown their abilities to communicate in the previous levels. We allow through those that are truly committed to their life path and those that are serious about their connection to the Divine and to helping others. At this level, we keep it the most pure energy possible. This Level is all about Leadership and how to become a good Leader in so many ways.


No identities - we are energy and we are understanding how our energy can enhance others' lives and we truly understand the purpose of service. Divinus. Inservio. Adscencio. This is what we live for. This is why you've taken this course. To understand the deeper meaning behind it and become of full-service to the divine and this is the level we aim for that Transcendentem Divinus! If you have been invited to join, Welcome to the Master Level of Transcendence!

Cost for Level VII: $3599

This level typically takes 18 months to complete. Please note: There are no refunds for Level VII for any reason. When you make payment you are acknowledging this fact. 





Note: Materials and prices may be subject to change and the participant will be notified of any significant changes. Sometimes newer versions of a book come out and we will go with the updated version, if possible. Wording here is subject to change as we will always keep changing ourselves for the better and, in turn, you will have the best from us. Updates occur from time-to-time.  Not everyone applying will be admitted to Spiritual Physics Institute. This is a spiritual schooling program that is intended to help you become more enlightened and become of more use to yourself and others while here on the planet. This schooling program is not intended to replace any college or university experience at a fully accredited school. If you choose to opt out of the program, no refunds are given. This should be considered a major decision on your part to want to improve your life and the lives of others. This takes a lot of work on your part to change your patterns that do not work and replace them with ones that do and are in alignment with the Divine. We do not guarantee that you will become more enlightened because, although we provide the materials and the instructors, it is fully up to you to do the course materials and the self-work. We cannot do it for you. As much as you put into this program is as much as you will get out of it and there are no guarantees that these courses will help or assist you in any way.