"Built to Help Each Person Attain Enlightenment and Self-Actualization"

The Institute of Spiritual Physics is built to help each individual recognize their strengths but also their weaknesses. In acknowledging our weaknesses, we become as strong as the weakest link in our own being, and strengthen those areas to match the Divine within with the Divine above. Spiritual Physics Institute is a correspondence program in which a person can work at their own pace within the alloted time online and understand at a deeper level themselves and, in turn, others. We are here to grow and to learn and this is what this program and Institute is all about. In the 7 Levels, you will find that we follow the chakras and work our way from the Root chakra (Level I) to the Crown chakra (Level VII). There is an opportunity to do an 8th Level however, this is a Platinum Level and the information is not posted here.


Bottom Line: In these classes, we do the self-work to understand why we have reincarnated, why we are here, what patterns need to change, and how can we find the flow to life. We explore our past, present, and future to understand how it all fits and what it all means. We explore the Law of Attraction and the Divine Karmic Laws to work in harmony with it, and change the way we think so that we can find the flow to life! 

In changing ourselves, connecting to a higher way of thinking, and transforming, we begin to take our power back. We no longer get caught up in the petty but rather, we connect to the Divine within our being and the perfection that is in our energy signature, and we achieve the "incorruptable crown" that is so hard to get to in human form. By doing so, we raise the energetic vibration of, not just ourselves, but of the whole planet! This is what we offer you. We offer something bigger than just one person alone. We offer you a better way to live, and real change that helps to heal you from the inside-out. Let us bring ourselves to a higher state of consciousness and raise our vibration together! 


The First 3 Levels of Spiritual Physics Institute

Levels 4, 5, & 6  


/  Level 1: Grounding (Root Chakra)

This is where we start. In Level 1, we start by learning Maslow's Hierarchy and how this fits with the energy we are allowing into our own lives. We take a look at how we have been responding to the situations around us, and we learn new ways to calm ourselves from the inside-out. Prof. James Beymer shows you the tapping method, and you learn to observe what is going on inside of yourself and around you without over-reacting. This is a short 2-month course that is packed with a lot of useful tools for day-to-day life! 


Cost for Level 1 individually: $499

/  Level 2: Expression (Sacral Chakra) 


Level II teaches you how to take the things you've learned in Level I and build upon them! In Level II, we look at how to become more creative and release emotional charges, feeling stuck, and learn to let go of anxiety. We find ways to become more harmonious and balanced in our expression, communication, and thinking. 

This level further develops your tapping techniques and helps you to begin realizing how to recognize what is your emotion vs. what another's emotion is. You begin to understand that not everything that you think and feel needs to be acted out, but that you are always in control of you. You also begin to look at how much you picked up from your parents, and how to separate yourself from the identity that does not work.


Level 2 builds upon Maslow's Hierarchy and how this relates to you on a spiritual level, and how you can overcome any lower frequencies of anger, envy, greed, sadness, ego, self centeredness, jealousy, etc to become more self-actualized and more centered! This level goes deeper into your being and gets into the layers that you rarely look at, so that you can choose a different pattern that works for your life! 


Level 2 typically takes 8-weeks to complete.


Cost for Level 2 individually: $499


/ Intellect & Healing (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Congratulations! Level III begins with interpersonal communication and we discuss the difference between emotions and feelings.  In this level, the predominant is to be able to understand yourself more deeply and, by the end of this level, you begin to understand the way you communicate and how you interact with others and identify what emotions are arising in you. You get to look at your motivations and different perspectives so you can choose to change what patters you feel are no longer working.

In this Level, we look at where we have lost control in the past and release obsessive behaviors, a lack of direction/purpose, and find ways to balance. The 3rd chakra is all about intellectual abilities, understanding self, and harmonizing the limbic system (emotions) with the prefrontal cortex (decision making/logic). We start to learn self-control on a different wavelength. We practice this by observing the self and how our emotions fluctuate on varying topics and people.


In this level, we look at your astrological chart and explore why you reincarnated and how your planets and positions in your chart work together. We see where our reincarnated strengths are and where our weakness are, and we explore different ways to work to become more conscious.


This class is taught by both Prof. Jemma Zenith and James Beymer. This class runs 9-10 months and typically lasts 60-90 minutes, once a week. 


Cost for Level 3 individually: $1200




/  Compassion (Heart Chakra)

In Level IV, we look to the heart chakra and open up to love - Universal and Personal - and release judgements. We look to release jealousy, self-interest, codependency, and self-sabotage. We want to replace this with compassion, understanding, and balance. 


In this Level, we are now coming to appreciate this more in depth and studying our communication skills even more and recognize how to put your communication skills to good use in analyzing another person that you are working with, your colleagues, mate, children, etc.  In this level, we will go deeper into psychology and learn how the mind works. We look at the cognitive template, schemas, and how we come to fast conclusions that may or may not be correct. We then work on catching ourselves when these kick in so that we can regain our center. The books required for this level are restricted to those taking the level, and are revealed at the time of enrollment. 


In Level 4 you will also learn to understand yourself more deeply, and we will be looking at your astrological chart to see past lives, reincarnation signature, and understanding what you need to work on in this life and where you are challenged. This level is a very in-depth study of the self. This continues on throughout levels 5 and 6 as well. Through this course you will begin to learn how to overcome thought patterns that hold you back, and create a new way of thinking that leads to success!


Cost for Level 4 individually: $1200





The throat chakra is about honesty with self. Speaking one's truth without personal agenda is an art, and assisting others through wisdom and understanding is skill. We want to remain calm and balanced in our communications. If a person or situation tries to throw you off balance, this Level helps you to clarify your expressions and thought. 

This is considered the beginning of Self Mastery. In reaching this level, you have done a lot of hard work on really looking at yourself and mastering your strengths, but also your weaknesses. You have studied many aspects of your personality and changed a lot of patterns that no longer work and shifted them to express who you really are. You have taken the prior 4 levels and learnt about your flaws and have scrutinized yourself as much as possible to tweak the "old" personality and put on the "new" personality that brings them into harmony with their higher purpose and their higher being. In this level, you are now able to recognize, admit, and change the old patterns that no longer work for you and you do so willingly. You realize that the little things that you don't like about others are actually a reflection of the bits and pieces of who you are that you need to tweak to master and overcome within yourself. In this level, we look for opportunities to release ego and egocentric behaviors - we release it every time we feel unbalanced. In doing so, we are working towards that peace in the midst of chaos and realizing that we are one step away from another aspect of our goal to Transcendence - Divine Self Mastery! 


This Mastery Level will continue to have courses with your instructor via the internet and materials will be outlined going deeper into psychology and the mind/body connection that you will be able to participate in. These courses will be held live/online and participation is a large part of Level V. 


Level V is a Restricted Level Access and only those of this level and higher are able to participate and to view the materials provided. 


Cost for Level V: $1899

This is a Self-Mastery Level class and will take 9-12 months to complete.

Please note: There are no refunds for Level V for any reason. When you make payment you are acknowledging this fact. 

/ Higher Communication (Throat Chakra)


/  Clarity (Third Eye)

The Third Eye is opening to see what is, and accept the situation as it is instead of how we think it 'should' be. We release feelings of being stuck, lack of clarity and concentration, and look to clear the mind of illusions. If you can Master this, it is Divine Self Mastery. We learn how to further our growth and harmony of the mental and emotional and learn to balance the two together just as the Divine does. We learn to lead with the mental (crown chakra) and understand how to tap into the answers from the Divine instead of the lower chakras, which are more emotional and based here (earthly/physical). These work in harmony and we learn to accept the answers we are given, and release the attachment to a particular outcome. Releasing, Letting go, and understanding how this works for you, not against you. As a VI Level, you will learn to stay more neutral when helping others. This furthers the connection of the Heart Chakra with the lower and upper chakras so that both logic and emotion are seen when making a decision. 

If one wants to be considered for Level VII, there are personal one-on-one sessions that will need to be done on at least a monthly basis. This is to help one with the personal work that can be facilitated in a private session.


Cost for Level 6: $2499

This is a Self-Mastery Level Class and will take 12 months to complete.

Please note: There are no refunds for Level VI for any reason. When you make payment you are acknowledging this fact. 





/  MASTER LEVEL: Transcendentem Divinus
(Crown Chakra)

To be considered for the Level VII class please refer to the previous six levels. All coursework must have been satisfactorily completed before admission. One must be invited to join Level VII to join. If you are interested in taking this course, please reach out to us and we can proceed in giving you more information! 

Cost for Level VII: $3599

Due to the nature of this class, there is no set time limit for completion. You will, however, have 18 months for the initial time period. After that, another assessment is conducted and you may be invited back. Please note: There are no refunds for Level VII for any reason and even though admitted, the RTC reserves the right to revoke that invitation of admission for any reason if we feel it goes against our standards. One is made aware of the contract and standards before admission and we work with each individual before a decision is made. When you make payment you are acknowledging this fact. To gain more insight please reach out and more about this level can be explained. 





Note: Materials and prices may be subject to change and the participant will be notified of any significant changes. Sometimes newer versions of a book come out and we will go with the updated version, if possible. Wording here is subject to change as we will always keep changing ourselves for the better and, in turn, you will have the best from us. Updates occur from time-to-time.  Not everyone applying will be admitted to Spiritual Physics Institute. This program is not intended to replace any college or university experience at a fully accredited school, nor is this program a fully accredited school or a college or university. If you choose to opt out of the program, no refunds are given. This should be considered a major decision on your part to want to improve your life and the lives of others.We do not guarantee that you will become more enlightened because, although we provide the materials and the instructors, it is fully up to you to do the course materials and the self-work. We cannot do it for you. As much as you put into this program is as much as you will get out of it and there are no guarantees that these courses will help or assist you in any way. 

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