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"Exploring Our Connection to the Higher Self"

We offer classes that help explain the first seven Chakras, and these have been outlined below. The root chakra is responsible for feeling grounded and safe, and Level I explores how to support and stabilize this area.  The sacral chakra is related to sensuality and creativity. Level II explores the question of rebalancing this chakra so as to feel re-energized, harmonious with self and others, and self-nurturing. The solar plexus chakra looks to personal power and how to remain centered, no matter what. Level III examines how to rebalance with confidence, communication, and courage. The heart chakra is discussed in Level IV, and this level explores how to recognize when one feels hurt. Being able to express oneself with grace and ease while maintaining center is an art. The heart chakra acts as one's center for compassion and empathy, and we explore forgiveness and letting go. The throat chakra is discussed in Level V and this is about kindness through communication. By speaking one's personal truth, one may be able to heal oneself and others with wisdom, compassion, and understanding. The third eye chakra is explored in Level VI, and this area controls how one perceives life. By understanding how one's perception may be out of balance, clarity, spiritual perception, and universal connection may be attained. Finally, Level VII explores the crown chakra. In this level we discuss higher connection and the 'bridge to the higher'. The crown represents who one truly is, without distortion.

If you are interested in joining these classes, please let us know! 


The First 3 Levels of Spiritual Physics Institute


/  Level 1: Grounding (Root Chakra)
Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 12.56.19

Levels 4, 5, & 6  


/  Compassion (Heart Chakra)
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This is where we start. In Level 1, we start by learning Maslow's Hierarchy and how this fits with the energy we are allowing into our own lives. We take a look at how we have been responding to the situations around us, and we learn new ways to calm ourselves from the inside-out. James Beymer introduces basic tapping statements that may assist one in releasing stuck energy. This is a short 2-month course that is packed with a lot of useful tools for day-to-day life! 


Cost for Level 1 individually: $499

/  Level 2: Expression (Sacral Chakra) 


Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 12.56.26

Level II teaches you how to take the things you've learned in Level I and build upon them! In Level II, one explores how to become more creative. There is always another way to explore techniques to become more harmonious in one's expression, communication, and thinking. 

This level also further develops one's tapping techniques by exploring more complicated tapping statements. When the sacral chakra is balanced, one feels energized and happy. This energy center offers access to the wonders of life, and helps one to see life as exciting and worth living! Level II explores these possibilities and begins with one's default reactions and ways of perception. 


Level 2 typically takes 8 - 10 weeks to complete.


Cost for Level 2 individually: $499


/ Intellect & Healing (Solar Plexus Chakra)
Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 12.56.31

Congratulations! Level III begins with interpersonal communication and we discuss the difference between emotions and feelings.  In this level, the predominant is to be able to understand oneself more deeply. One may begin to understand the way one communicates and how one interacts with others so as to identify what emotions are arising in oneself. One gets to look at the motivations and different perspectives so that one can choose to change what patters one feels are no longer working. Level II is about exploring communication and creating healthy opportunities!

The solar plexus chakra is about intellectual abilities, understanding self, and harmonizing the limbic system (emotions) with the prefrontal cortex (decision making/logic). One might practice this by observing the self and how our emotions fluctuate with varying topics and people.


This class runs 12 months.


Cost for Level 3 individually: $1200



In Level IV, we look to the heart chakra and open up to love - Universal and Personal - and release judgements. We explore how to release jealousy, codependency, and self-sabotage. One may want to replace these with compassion, understanding, and balance. 


In this Level, one explores stress and emotional pain that may be stuck in the heart chakra energy, and how to release this. At times, life can feel painful and leave behind an energy signature in the heart that makes one want to protect themselves. If it is blocked, it may be difficult to keep healthy relationships. By allowing it to clear, one may feel relief, love for self, love for other, and know when to set healthy boundaries. Love is all around us and when one allows themself to feel loved, beautiful things can happen! Level IV explores self acceptance and letting go. 


Cost for Level 4 individually: $1200





The throat chakra is about honesty with self. Speaking one's truth without personal agenda is an art, and assisting others through wisdom and understanding is skill. One may find it wise to remain calm and balanced in one's communication. If a person or situation tries to throw one off balance, this Level helps you to clarify your expressions and thought with grace and ease.


By speaking and listening with compassion, one might avoid anger and outbursts. Knowing what to say, when to say it, and with what degree and intensity to approach can be a skill worth attaining. When one is in balance, the throat chakra relaxes and the energy is calm. With practice, one's inner wisdom comes through. 

Level V is a Restricted Level Access and only those of this level and higher are able to participate and to view the materials provided. 


Cost for Level V: $1899

This is a Self-Mastery Level class and will take approximately 12 months to complete.

/ Higher Communication (Throat Chakra)
Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 12.56.41


/  Clarity (Third Eye)
Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 12.56.49

The Third Eye is located a little bit higher than between the eyebrows. This level explores 'intuition' and what it means. Does one see what they think that they see? Or is perception in the eye of the beholder? When one responds to a situation, many times it is out of haste and the reaction may be lacking in clarity. When the third eye is open, clarity allows one to see things as they truly are, without bias or prejudice. "It is as it is." When it is open and clear, there is peace and a knowing that everything that is happening happens within the yin/yang of energy of order. It can and cannot happen another way. There is always more than one possibility and multiple solutions. And all of these are seen simultaneously when the third eye has access to the higher connection. 

For this level, when one wants to be considered and participate there are personal one-on-one sessions that will need to be done on at least a monthly basis. This is to help one with the personal work that can be facilitated in a private session.


Cost for Level 6: $2499

This is a Self-Mastery Level Class and will take 12 months to complete.





/  MASTER LEVEL: Transcendentem Divinus
(Crown Chakra)
Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 12.56.54

To be considered for the Level VII class please refer to the previous six levels. All coursework must have been satisfactorily completed before admission. One must be invited to Level VII to join. If you are interested in taking this course, please reach out to us and we can proceed in giving you more information! 

Cost for Level VII: $3599

Due to the nature of this class, there is no set time limit for completion. You will, however, have 18 months for the initial time period. After that, another assessment is conducted and you may be invited back. The goal is to explore our inner and outer world together so as to reach a higher understanding! 





Note: Materials and prices may be subject to change and the participant will be notified of any significant changes. Sometimes newer versions of a book come out and we will go with the updated version, if possible. Wording here is subject to change as we will always keep changing ourselves for the better and, in turn, you will have the best from us. Updates occur from time-to-time.  Not everyone applying will be admitted to Spiritual Physics Institute. This program is not intended to replace any college or university experience at a fully accredited school, nor is this program a fully accredited school or a college or university. If you choose to opt out of the program, no refunds are given. We do not guarantee that you will become more enlightened because, although we provide the materials and the instructors, it is fully up to you to do the course materials and the self-work. As much as you put into this program is as much as you will get out of it and there are no guarantees that these courses will help or assist you in any way. 

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