• Customized MACROS every 4 weeks

    • We explain how to eat, what to eat, and why. We help you to understand: carbohydrates, protein, fats, and calories and how these work with your body. We also help you to stay on track by giving you a questionnaire every 4 weeks and we adjust your MACROS to keep fitting your goals!

  • Portion Control

    • We teach you about portion control and how to put MACROS with each meal so that your body becomes fit!

  • Meal Plans

    • Learn how to make a meal plan by combining delicious ingredients. You don’t need to starve, do fasting, or juice your way to being lean. In this program, you get ideas for meals and see how to create great food! We give pictures and ideas, and occasionally recipes that you can make at home! 



  • At home or in the gym

    • We give workout ideas every day that you can do either at home or in the gym! These workouts are made for a variety of levels and you can pick and choose what you would like to do. 



  • Progress Photos

    • You choose if you would like to take before and after photos and use them as motivation to change

  • The Price

    • Normally a one-on-one session with Jemma Zenith is $225/hr. This class is only $329 for 12 weeks! The savings is enormous and you are getting personalized coaching for less than $28 per class! Incredible!


  • Private Fitness Group 

    • You have access to our private fitness group and the information that we post every day! This is a community for change where you get support from your coach (Jemma Zenith) and also others that are trying to become more fit and healthy! We all inspire each other to stick with our goals. Your coach also posts inspirational quotes every day, along with fitness routines, meals, and inspirational videos. Ask questions anytime and they are answered almost immediately. We’re here to support your journey in every way possible!

  • Customized PHASE Workouts

    • “It’s Just a PHASE” was created by Jemma Zenith and they work areas of your body you didn’t know existed! These customized workouts are periodically posted and you can either do the entire workout, or pick and choose what you would like to do. Either way, you’re going to feel more fit as you progress. 


  • The Power Mindset

    • The Power Mindset includes ways to think about your goals and success as though you've already achieved them! We provide a Dreams and Goals list, 12-week visualization board, transformation focus, creating mini-steps,  mind-map creation, "how to" self-care guide, and more! The Power Mindset is about overcoming any self-sabotage and creating a mind that believes in success! It's about creating harmony on all levels to live a balanced, happy and joyful life! 



  • Therapeutic Understandings

    • This fitness program has something that none other does: therapy work. We look at deeper issues and send out questionnaires for you to see where you may be self-sabotaging. We look at past patterns and habits and explore why they are there. “You cannot change what you are not willing to confront”, and so we look at the past so that we can undo what is lying in the subconscious. Many have been surprised to find where the self-sabotaging patterns have originated from and we give them the tools to overcome the negative thinking patterns. If you want to truly succeed, you’ll need to release who you were to become who you want to be.



"This class is phenomenal! I have seen so many amazing results in my life from taking this class! I have learned how to eat properly and Jemma has been extremely motivating and inspiring! I have gained muscle, burned fat, lost weight and I look/feel better. If you are struggling or don't know where to start, this is the place to go! It isn't just about food and exercise - it also has helped me to navigate and understand the psychology behind my eating and has helped me view success as attainable! The whole process is presented as fun, lively, and attainable and Jemma is with you every step of the way. Just try it! You won't regret it!" - Brian Z.

"This is the first program that has actually worked for me! Working one-on-one with Jemma has helped me learn a completely different way of eating. In the past, I thought I had to starve myself or try some really radical diet to lose weight. I've tried them ALL! I remember a soup diet I did and it left me feeling sick and tired. This program teaches you how to eat and feel full! I've actually run over 8 miles and I never thought that would happen!! I have also learned how to do the exercises properly (before I had some injury because I didn't know) and I am really enjoying the variety of workouts that Jemma presents. Each class I have learned something new. I have lost weight, gained muscle, and I am now a runner!" - Damon D.

"I have had a lot of self-sabotage in the past and this class helped me to uncover where I was doing that. There has always been a part of me that does not believe that I can succeed, and in the beginning, this program was hard for me to follow because I was not sure that I could actually lose weight. Thanks to this program, I am more aware of the importance of how to eat and what a MACRO is! I have discovered tasty combinations. This way of eating makes me feel healthier and lighter! I have a lot more energy when I follow the program! Thanks to the therapy aspect in class, have discovered the roots of certain eating habits from the past and old thinking patterns. I am still learning to overcome my own thoughts, but I am doing it! By paying more attention to this, transformation is possible!" - H.D.M.

"I have really liked the support and encouragement from everyone. I also really like that we address the emotional trauma and old beliefs. I am working on keeping track of my MACROS (the protein has been the hardest to get in), and I have realized that I was taught that carbohydrates were "bad". This program has helped me overcome that!" - Tammy B. 

"I used to be very overweight and it was very uncomfortable. It was shocking to step on the scale and see where I was, as I had been an avid surfer in my younger years. Where did my abs go? haha! Jemma worked with me one-on-one and in classes, and I went from about 235lbs to 168lbs! I got back down to my high-school surfing weight and I never thought that would be possible! I am also not a runner, and I completed the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon!! She not only works with the physical but also the mental - and this is something that I have never found with another fitness trainer! She has you exploring everything from your childhood eating habits to the why's surrounding foods you reach for, and then we discuss success and our beliefs surrounding it! This program is unique and very well-rounded. I cannot stress enough how remarkable it is. If you like things broken down, step-by-step and you want to see physical and mental improvements, this is the place to be." James B. 

"I was very fit in school and always got done with the mile run first. I was proud of this and I loved to race! I could do pull-ups and push-ups - the whole deal! Little by little, I had gained a lot of weight (a lot!). I didn't like the way I looked or felt but it's like I couldn't stop eating. I knew it was partly emotional eating, but I didn't know how to stop. I went from diet to diet and it "worked" for a minute, but then I'd gain it right back. I was depressed and sad. When I finally decided to take charge of my life, I was all in. No more excuses. It was tough and there were times that I felt like I couldn't do it. But this program really helped me to stay on track and focused. I went from 218lbs to 144lbs. It took some time and a lot of hard work but I did it! Thank you!" - J.S.

"I was having a wedding in the Bahamas and Jemma got me into shape! It was the perfect day and all of the hard work that I put in paid off! We ran hills together, did different abdominal workouts, and some toning of my arms and legs. It was tough! But I laughed so hard and we had a great time!" - M.A. 

"Jemma had these early morning boot camps that I would join and within a couple of minutes I was sweating up a storm!! We'd do mirror drills, cone runs, box jumps, etc and we only went for 50 minutes, but man that was enough!! It fit into my busy schedule and helped me to feel better about myself. She even offered to pick us up or give us an early morning wake-up call to keep us motivated! She goes above and beyond. Try this girl! Awesome!" - T.T. 

"I had never taken a spin class before and our complex was offering them to us. Jemma was the instructor and she is so much fun! She has the best music and some people were up front singing along - it was great! Even though it was at 5:30am, there were days when the class was packed and people were lined up out the door!! Great energy and she helps you get in shape!" - Lucus T.

"Jemma was the instructor for yoga, spinning, boot camp, and kickboxing at our complex in Austin. The yoga class was very relaxing and she would do this meditation at the end that really got you in the zone. One woman would notoriously fall asleep and snore in the back - it was that relaxing! Even though her time with us was up, she would stay after and answer any questions that we had or sometimes we would just sit and listen to her talk about energy and  .... Always very generous with her time." - Babs B.