Meet the Round Table Committee

What is the Round Table Committee? Here at Spiritual Physics Institute, we vow to keep things as 'clean' as possible. We want to hold the standard of Divinity as closely as possible and we work together to make sure that this happens so that those joining the classes can partake of excellence at its finest! The Round Table ensures that we are all equal and work together harmoniously. This is about connecting to the Divine and conferring with each other to take steps to ensure the classes are pure and that the individual, the group, and the whole are working at the best level of Divinity possible. The group below work together to help facilitate those in the classes and create peace and harmony. 


Jemma Zenith is the head of Spiritual Physics Institute and a longtime student of the Laws of the Universe. She teaches many of the classes here at SPI and her goal is to put higher learning into the most understandable terms for everyone to grasp. She explores the duality of the being and has a Zen-like approach to teaching.

James Beymer has been a well-known speaker internationally for a long time! He has had an urge to search for his connection and his Creator since childhood, and he helps to facilitate those needing assistance here at Spiritual Physics Institute. His role in the Round Table Committee (RTC) is to combine his ideas and connection to the Divine and aid in making decisions that are pertinent to the outcome of our participants. He assists in making everyday decisions about the classes, seminars, and individual needs of the group.

Brian is a Level VII Master and has shown a deep connection to his life path, not allowing anything to get in the way of his connection to the Higher Realms. His determination, humility, and persistence has earned him a space on the RTC. He has a good balance between logic and emotion which is a valuable asset when working on the Round Table Committee Team. The different views and perspectives that he has brought to the table are nothing short of insightful, balanced, and honest. His spirituality is ever-growing and his connection is always deepening. A wonderful addition to the RTC!

Roujiar is dependable and reliable in any life, always aiming to uphold to the highest standards and her spirit is indomitable. She has a sense of fairness, compassion, and has a profound sense of justice. Always aiming to facilitate herself and those around her, she leads by example. Quick to sense where another being is at in this life, we consider Roujiar to be a noble addition to the RTC!