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Please excuse our construction! We are currently 
recording a new video for you. It will be uploaded shortly! - Namaste and Be Well 


We have bi-weekly meditation & tapping classes! For information please contact:

Join us in Navigating Triggers classes happening on Tuesday nights at 7pm MST via SKYPE! If you would like to be surrounded by positive thinkers that look for solutions, please call
970-409-0118 to sign up or email:

This month, we feature Root Chakra Meaning and Rebalancing. Enjoy the Video!

Yoga in Bamboo House
Overview of Spiritual Physics Institute

Spiritual Physics Institute’s philosophy is to support others and inspire them to find their own power, potential, center, and calm through conversation and discussion. Our goal is to help one to recognize their own power and help facilitate one along their journey. Wherever one feels stuck in life, spiritually or energetically, our aim is to support in a gentle manner to release negative patterns and make way for the new. For those on the planet that feel "different", or feel as though they are meant for something more, we explore what this might mean for you. Our aim is to help you to find your true self! Our goal is to provide a safe space of support for you to explore your spirituality!

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