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Current Classes
Fitness & Nutrition

We have an ongoing Fitness & Nutrition class happening every Saturday morning at 9:15am MST! 

When: Saturday mornings, 9:15am MST

Where: SKYPE (online)

Instructor: Xavia Zenith 

What do you need to do to sign up? Call us at 970-409-0118 or email us at:

We have an ongoing, soothing meditation class that can help relax one back into balance!

Title: Reset Sunday
What to expect: This class will be held on Sunday evenings at 7pm MST via Skype. Every Sunday evening we meet together to do 45 minutes of meditation and then tapping. It's a great way to restart the week and re-energize! Many have reported greater clarity, feeling centered, and better sleep!
When: An Ongoing Course, Sunday evenings from 7-7:45pm MST
Where: SKYPE (online)
Instructor: Xavia Zenith 
Price: $99/mo 
What do you need to do to sign up? Call us at 970-409-0118 or email us at:
Beginning Level I 
We are beginning a New Level I class! This is an 8 week course that can help one to notice their own triggers and start to identify solutions. We also introduce how to create your own tapping statement.
When: An Ongoing Course, Friday 7pm MST
Where: SKYPE (online)
Instructor: Xavia Zenith & James Beymer (rotating)
Price: $249 for 8 weeks 
What do you need to do to sign up? Call us at 970-409-0118 or email us at:
Navigating Triggers
This is currently our most popular class! In this class, we learn together how to stay centered while facing different triggers by identifying the chakras involved. Whether that is via family, coworkers, a boss, or just different day-to-day situations. We aim to assist one in figuring out the why's behind the trigger, and then navigate the charge so as to transform the energy into something positive! 
When: An Ongoing Course, Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm MST
Where: SKYPE (online)
Instructor: Xavia Zenith
Price: $99/mo.
Wind Down Wednesday's!
Meditation for mid-week, this helps one to take a breath and refocus. Reset with Xavia on Wednesday evening for a self check-in, reset your goals, release stress, and revive yourself. Whether you keep your camera on, or you have it off, this is a 45 minute meditation to allow yourself the space to let go. We also incorporate either a tapping or a self-reflection with a focus on building confidence. This will also be recorded for those that want to watch it later in the evening, or the next day! 
When: Wednesday evenings at 7:15pm MST
Where: SKYPE (online)
Instructor: Xavia Zenith
Price: $99/mo 


Mindful Meditation

How to Release Anxiety: Transform Panic into Peace

NEW CLASS! Beginning August 12, 2023, a new series of classes titled: How to Release Anxiety: Transform Panic into Peace is being taught! This is an ongoing series every Saturday morning at 8am MST. Here are some things we discuss:

•Tips to understand and overcome stressors, fears, and thoughts

•Are worries normal?

•Learn how to turn into fear instead of away from it

•Practice identifying and calming different chakras as issues arise

•Practice different techniques to harness your thoughts and emotions

•Train your mind to calm down when presented with new information

•Practice calming your mind and body by identifying what the underlying factor is that’s being triggered

•Try out different tips to feel empowered when a problem comes up

•Learn how happiness & calm is the natural state!

Everything has a vibration, including your thoughts. The design of this class is to learn a variety of empowering techniques when faced with overwhelming thoughts, people, stressors, and emotions. The body is made to protect you from real-life threats, but sometimes the body gets stuck in fight-or-flight, and the mind goes into protective-mode. Let’s learn how to reset and rewire the mind so that it works for you instead of against you! We take a step-by-step approach as we learn to get to the core of the underlying issue(s). I look forward to exploring this together beginning Saturday, August 12th at 8am MST.

When: Saturday mornings at 8am MST
Where: SKYPE (online)
Instructor: Xavia Zenith
Price: $299 for 8 weeks 
How to Book a Seminar in Your Area
This is actually quite easy! Just give us a call or contact us via the link provided above, and we will go through the process with you on how to make a seminar happen in your area. We will discuss a list of topics that you might like and you can help choose from what you and your group would like to hear and discuss. These are participatory events where you can ask questions and join in to understand more about the topic if you wish. 
To contact us, please use the link provided above or call us at:  970-409-0118.
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