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Spiritual Physics Institute’s mission is to help others to find their own power, potential, center, and calm. Many have been through so much turmoil in childhood and throughout life, and our mission is to help facilitate and empower one along their journey while supporting them in releasing past pains, hurts, and wounds. Whatever has been stuck in the psyche we work to bring up in a gentle manner to release so that one can make way for the new. We do this through therapeutic work – looking at buried issues in the subconscious to release the power they had over us in the past so that we can move ahead without the charges we have held onto for so long. We gently release and let go. Our goal is to help you to find your true self! To find the you that is underneath what you have been molded to think and believe and to release the self-sabotage that has cycled through your energy. In this way, we rise to a higher frequency and start operating on a different level of freedom! We provide a safe space for you to let go of who you have thought you should be to remember who you are!  


We are happy to announce a New Meditation and Tapping class! Feel relaxed and centered as you unwind from the week and go through a guided meditation to release any charges.This class is held on Sunday evenings at 7:30pm MST via Skype. Email for details!

We have a NEW class starting on Saturday mornings at 9:15am MST via SKYPE! Fitness & Nutrition is a coaching program to lose body fat, learn how to eat, and gain confidence! Call

970-925-9148 to sign up or email: QuantumAwakening@gmail.com! 

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This month, we feature Root Chakra Meaning and Rebalancing. Enjoy the Video!

Skype Address: JemmaZenith

Tel: 970.925.9148

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